Prestashop 1.5 google analytics module download

Prestashop 1.5 google analytics module download скины cs go фото

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Hello Diedrik, Sorry for the problem with Ganalytics in PrestaShop. Also you can know your campaign performance, with Adwords conversion labelthen you can prestaahop which ads, keywords and campaigns gives you better benefits. Thanks so much for your info. It looks like there are no questions about this page. Hi, I tried installing Ganalytics module for Prestashop 1. If you start typing in ganalytics or Google Analytics in the search box, it should pop-up or at least when you click on Search it should show up in the list.

Данный туториал покажет, как добавить код Google Analytics в PrestaShop. В панели управления перейдите в меню Modules (Модули) -> Modules (Модули): Найдите модуль GAnalytics. One of the applications that come loaded with Prestashop is Google Analytics, though by default, the module is not installed. The following article will cover how to install and configure the Google Analytics module within PrestaShop 1. 5. Установка и настройка гугл аналитики для престашоп достаточно просты и не вызовут трудностей даже у новичков. 6 комментариев к записи “Подключение Google Analytics к Prestashop ”. Александр.